The Adventure Begins

This is the beginning of a new journey. A journey where the route itself becomes the destination. This destination has got a name, it is called:

From Spanish: ‘vida’ (life) + ‘sueño’ (dream)
‘el sueño de la vida’

We are here to fulfill our lifetime dream in order to encourage you to follow yours and that is what it is all about. So how do we do that?

First of all, how did it come to this idea? When traveling the world in 2018 for several months as a couple we were living our personal visueño. However, as soon as we were arriving back home in our everyday lives with 9-5 jobs and daily routines, we realized that there is no way our lives are going to continue as before. That was the time when we decided to escape the ordinary.

From that point on the task was to find an idea that is combinable with our passion for traveling, the skills we have, and the possibility to share the experience with other traveling enthusiastic globetrotters, wanderers, digital nomads and backpackers.

A traveler enters the world into which he travels, but a tourist brings his own world with him and never sees the one he’s in.

Thomas H. Cook

Being a team consisting of soft goods product developers for paragliding and kitesurfing equipment and having the experience of the needs for long-term traveling, it still took a while to think about the right idea. But after distancing ourselves from eagerly searching for an idea the fog was clearing and suddenly it was obvious.

“Imagine living your life out of a backpack”

That is exactly what long-term backpack travelers actually do during their trips. They live out of their bags in the same way as van lifers live in their vans, except for the fact that the space is even more minimalistic. Hence maximum organization, yet flexibility and usability are the most important aspects when designing gear for such travelers as we were.

So the basic idea was born, however crafting this idea in our minds quickly lead us to further ideas, ones which made us think in a way bigger scope and finally new utopias have been created. Utopias, which enable us to think of and work on a better future. Not only for the community, the stakeholders and for us, but also for the planet. Because the earth is all we have in common so we should make everything to preserve it, so that also in the future memories can be created.

We are totally aware of the environmental impact of traveling in the way most of us do right now however, as part of our journey, we will work steadily to change our business practices and share what we’ve learned so that we can all improve and do more good for our world, while still exploring the beauty it offers us.

The most dangerous worldview is the one of those who have not viewed the world.

Alexander von Humboldt

Creating these utopias in our minds quickly lead us to the three main question and our goals resulting out of them.

To encourage people to enhance their personal horizons and connect to the real things in life in order to create their own lifetime memories.

We want to help create a world, where people leave their familiar environment and go outside in order to open their minds to new perspectives.

We guide the people to go out and see the real world by inspiring them with ideas and stories and affirming them with the sustainable equipment they need so that they can fully focus on creating memories.

The main goals with which we will conduct ourselves in support and pursuit of our mission, vision and purpose:

  • Work with friends and meaning. All stakeholders in the value chain shall profit by respect, fairness and transparency.
  • Quality attracts quality. Our goal is to reach the highest possible quality in terms of long-lasting products as well as quality content that has a long-lasting positive impact. 
  • Design is art that makes itself useful. Thus the products get transferred into pieces of art, which counteracts the throw-away society.
  • Driven by community feedback while constantly practicing the built-measure-learn feedback loop.
  • The earth is all we have in common so we should make everything to preserve it so that also in the future memories can be created.

Now we talked a lot about the future of VISUEÑO and where we are heading, but let’s talk about the concrete near future. There are several stops along the journey we are taking and speaking in a business language we would call milestones. One of them is creating the first prototypes of the ultimate essential backpacking gear and this is exactly what is currently happening in our workshops of wisdomness.

Thank you for your interest in what is driving us to start this adventure and if you are eager about what is coming next we are happy to delight you with entertaining news about our progress by keeping you updated in our newsletter, or if you just follow us on our Instagram channel.